25 Days Project: HIJK


Our fashion issue this past spring spotlighted Fibershed, the movement, with national affiliates all over the country, that brings together local weavers, knitters and clothing designers to produce garments with a hyper-local origin. One of the clothiers we featured was Heidi Iverson, the cofounder of HIJK, a hyperlocal clothing line produced with her business partner Jen Kida. The line features oak gall-dyed fisherman skirts, earthy fitted tunics, organic merino giant fringe shawls, braided belts of organic, naturally dyed cotton and a many more lovely, earth-friendly designs.

The clothes are on the pricy side, but what you get is artisan quality goods with nary an ecological footprint, unlike that cheap, cashmere sweater on sale at Macy’s. Why not, instead, pick up something one of a kind, beautiful and unique for the fashion-hound in your life.

HIJK will have some of their designs featured at the Fibershed Fashion Gala on Dec. 14 in Sonoma.

The best place to find them is on Facebook or at the online Fibershed Marketplace.