Street Search

Here’s another opportunity to use that old eye patch from last Halloween—no true pirate can resist the promise of great treasure! Mastermind Treasure Hunts hosts this year’s fourth annual Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt, an information-based scavenger hunt that will get you scratching your heads and scouring the streets for clues.

This hybrid between The Da Vinci Code and The Amazing Race takes its competitors on a wild goose chase through parks, landmarks and often overlooked common spots. Dyslexia can be an asset: perarpe for wdrolpay, tviira, mtheaicmatal pzzules and epeisallcy agranams. Two heads are definitely better than one on this complex excursion around town, so bring a friend. Costumes are encouraged—prizes will be awarded for well-dressed and best-named teams, so make sure to go fashionably as well as knowledgeably.

A sense of adventure and knowledge of local lore will help competitors, but everyone ends a winner—a fun-filled day follows with live music at Theatre Square. Team up with your local know-it-alls and read up on Petaluma’s history before accepting the challenge on Saturday, Aug. 18, throughout downtown Petaluma. 2–5pm; check-in at 1pm. $20. 707.762.9348.—Catherine Zaw