Spring Literary Guide

Introduction by Davina Baum

Books seep and surge into every aspect of life, as if they were liquid rather than solid. Like a slow-moving oil spill-with a more lively bouquet than black sludge-literature coats our feathers and anchors us to some place other than the ground, some place in the imagination.

But literature lives in other places than the mind. It lives in our fingers, in our eyes, in our ears.

This week’s April Lit feature seeks to explore the many aspects of books. From the criteria that lead us to pluck a book off the shelves-sight unseen-and take it to the register; to the transformation from the written word to the musical note; to the philosophical ruminations engendered by a historical biography, this is to remind you that a book is alive. Treat it well.

Best Looking, Best Selling: Are contemporary book covers fashion over function, or function as fashion?

Reading Music: Music and books perform a duet with ‘Songs Inspired by Literature’

Imagined Realities: Kevin Brockmeier’s ‘Things that Fall from the Sky’ reveals mysteries

Soul Searching: A book looks to great minds of the past to illuminate the present

War and Remembrance: Petaluma author captures the manic-depressive weirdness of WWII Hollywood

From the April 18-24, 2002 issue of the North Bay Bohemian.

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