.Sonoma County Book Festival Launches a Kickstarter Campaign

It’s official. Books are still rad. And the people who provide a venue for the authors and book-sellers that stilll believe in the power of the book are still rad. That’s why the Sonoma County Book Festival received a Boho Award in 2011, and that’s why it would be nice to keep the only major book festival in the county around for years to come. Like pretty much everyone else these days, they’ve turned to crowdfunding for help.

Today, the organizers announced the beginning of a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign to keep the festival running and fund an Executive Director to run the whole shabang, since its hard for volunteers to pull of something like this off. This year, the festival moves to Santa Rosa Junior College, instead of running through downtown Santa Rosa, like it has for the past 12 years each September.

From the Kickstarter page:

“The Sonoma County Book Festival has been celebrating books and authors and readers and our local community for the past 12 years each September, and it’s been a glorious contribution to Sonoma County. What you may not know is that we’ve done it on a wing and a prayer. And at this juncture, our funds are low and our volunteers are tired. As the board of directors, we’ve had to ask ourselves, “Do we stop offering this incredible community celebration of books and literacy?” The answer came back as a loud, “Heck no!” The Festival and our community deserve more. In fact, we believe we can make the Festival even better for 2013.”

For more information, here’s the Kickstarter page.


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