Sept. 30: The Big Lebowski at Cameo Cinema

It’s not just a movie. It’s a way of life. Am I wrong? The Big Lebowski, which screens this week in the small confines of the Cameo Cinema, is fast joining the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as a lifestyle bible for its most devoted, white-Russian-drinking followers, and the one-screen movie theater may never be the same. As the official Lebowski Fest makes its way across the country this September, Napa Valley duderinos have the chance to abide en masse and recite classic lines together back at the screen, and there are oh-so-many of them. Will bowling balls be rolled down the aisles with nihilists? Will someone have the guts to stand outside the theater with a ghetto blaster, playing the Eagles? Will anyone ever really find a rug that really ties a room together? Find out when the cult favorite screens on Wednesday, Sept. 30, at Cameo Cinema. 1340 Main St., St. Helena. 8pm. $5. 707.963.9779.Gabe Meline

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