Porch Swings

Napa Porchfest a community hootenanny

From sea to shining sea comes the Porchfest, an assortment of live music played on—well, of course—porches. This year’s Napa Porchfest, on July 29, features 77 musical acts over the course of three hours performing on the front porches of Napa.

According to Juliana Inman, committee chair for the free event, the concept of Porchfest started in Ithaca, N.Y., a few years ago. The informal event eventually spread to other communities throughout the Northeast, jumping into Ohio and Canada, but Napa is proudly the first West Coast city to host one.

“Last year, our total expenditure was $270,” explains Inman, adding that the event was largely a volunteer effort. “This year, we solicited a mini-grant from the local Napa city tourism district.” (The funds will be used in part for maps to guide attendees to houses.)

Twice as big as its predecessor, and with many artists and homeowners returning from last year, Porchfest is perhaps best experienced on a bike, riding from home to home to catch it all. Don’t miss it on Sunday, July 29, at various homes in and around downtown Napa. 2–5pm. Free. For details, see www.napaporchfest.org.—Catherine Zaw

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