Poland Calling

The unofficial intergalactic gangster lands at Juke Joint

The Polish Ambassador is an Oakland transplant from the East Coast who rightfully belongs in the Bay Area’s progressive electro/hip-hop mash-up scene. Born David Sugalski, the self-proclaimed “beat machine from the future” harbors a “no genre left behind” mentality that’s intriguing, innovative and mostly eccentric, mixing electro, hip-hop and ’80s synth with jungle, dub and electronica’s latest genre-bending freshness, glitch-rap.

Sugalski’s entire discography—seven albums and 30-plus remixes—is available for free download. (Although the opportunity may or may not be available forever, it’s an ingenious marketing tool.) This week ignites the nationwide Super Powers tour featuring special guest Ample Mammal, the Ambassador’s down-tempo alter ego. Shifting between the two in a $3.99 yellow jumpsuit, armed with a laptop and an eight-line midi controller, his intelligent beats are always tailored-to-fit.

The Polish Ambassador and Oakland visual artist Liminus are fresh off the Playa Thursday night, revealing a custom light and sound performance certain to reflect an unofficial Burning Man decompression. Catch the two on Thursday, Sept. 13, at Hopmonk Tavern. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 9pm. $15. 707.829.7300.—Jacquelynne Ocaña