Planting Ideas

Jane Goodall's new book is not about chimps

Hairy arms, legs and your boyfriend’s hairy ass—these aren’t the only similarities between humans and chimps, according to Jane Goodall.

Goodall should know—she spent 45 years studying wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. Since, she’s spent a large portion of her time devoted to advocacy on behalf of chimpanzees, established the Jane Goodall Institute, written numerous books and even had a Simpsons character based on her. And somehow, in the midst of her many projects, Goodall found time to write a new book, Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants.

A book on plants might seem unlikely from the woman known for going ape, but Goodall’s love for botany started at a young age, when she spent her days climbing trees and making elderberry wine with her grandmother. Her book introduces readers to botanists around the world, unveils the secret world of plants, and discusses the potential plants contain for healing the human body and the planet. Presented by Copperfield’s Books, Goodall appears in Santa Rosa on Saturday, April 6, at the Santa Rosa High School Auditorium. 1235 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 8pm. $35 includes book. 707.578.8938.

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