Open Door

Sculptors, painters, photographers—lend me your studios! This is the annual call of ARTrails, when over 150 artists open their Sonoma County studios to display both work and process over two consecutive weekends.

Part of the fun of ARTrails is following the little blue signs, like hunting for garage sales without the disappointment of finding only a pile of dirty, well-worn toys. Instead, you’ll find raku pottery, hand-blown glass, impressionist-style watercolors, handwoven clothing, recycled art sculptures and much more.

It’s not necessary to drive around without an agenda, since ARTrails produces a detailed map illustrated by visual samples of artists’ work. Compulsive planners will have a field day, making plans and routes, and scheduling requisite stops for wine and food. But the strategic blue signs that signify an open studio allow those by-the-wind sailors to relax and let the universe decide for them.

A preview of selected work will be up through Oct. 26 at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa, at Graton Gallery through Oct. 21 and at the Santa Rosa Visitors Bureau in Railroad Square through Oct. 28. ARTrails happens Oct. 13–14 and Oct. 20–21 in locations across Sonoma County. 10am–5pm. Free. 707.579.2787, ext. 2.