Oct. 16: Parno Graszt at Napa Valley Opera House

Riding a resurgence in Eastern European brass music, from the young arrangements of Beirut to the reckless “Gypsy punk” of Gogol Bordello, the Hungarian nonet Parno Graszt has been on tour around the world from Los Angeles to India spreading awareness of the true roots of Romani. As Songlines magazine declared, “They do not use sources of Gypsy music, they are the source itself.” With spoons, a milk jug, guitars, accordion and double bass, the group aims for a tearing down of the fourth wall between performer and audience, where spectators become participants and concerts become parties. Be there when North Eastern Hungary comes to the Napa Valley on Friday, Oct. 16, at the Napa Valley Opera House, 1030 Main St., Napa. $30–$35. 707.226.7372.Gabe Meline