Oct. 16-17: El Radio Fantastique at the Dance Palace

Giovanni and June DiMorente blew into the Bay Area after the flood in New Orleans, but they brought with them all of the heavy haunt and intangible intrigue from the levees with their avant-cabaret ensemble El Radio Fantastique. Like a traveling Bertolt Brecht revue with Miklos Rosza and Charles Laughton as directors, the Inverness-based group captured, in 2008, the attention of Tom Waits, who brought their [TK] upright bass player on tour. Clarinet, Theremin and xylophone all factor in their occasionally and intentionally out-of-tune ramshackle serenades, which conjure a different world where clothes don’t fit and water is dirtier. Horns, strings and dancers evoke cinematic episodes when El Radio Fantastique play two nights, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16–17, at the Dance Palace. 8pm. $14–$16. 415.663.1075.Gabe Meline