.Multi-Media Creator Space Walker

In this season of butterflies, Space Walker has chosen “emergence” as the theme of our brief encounter. For four years—antedating the quarantine by just two weeks—Walker lived at the Isis Oasis temple of the divine fem in Geyserville.

There, she was cocooned in self-healing and creative transformation, drawing on the energy of the land and the inspiration of the temple. Space Walker emerges into the North Bay with two new albums of music, a ready show of paintings, a new oracle deck and an array of “high vibe” crafts. She’s ready to fly.

CH: Space, the art that you have created completes a high-vibe lifestyle set or, alternately, a space world. I would call that vibe joy. You are one of the most joyous people I know. Tell us about joy.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

SW: Joy keeps me alive! It’s a choice. It’s our true nature. I do my best to share this gift.

CH: Tell us about your music.

SW: I’m a genre-fluid musician. The style of each song reflects the feeling it’s supposed to invite. My main influences are nature, neo soul, hip-hop, house, funk, punk and jazz. What started as a diary became an open love letter to my ideal world.

CH: What are your next gigs?

SW: June 20 at Golden Bear in Sacramento. June 22 at Elephant in the Room in Healdsburg. June 23 at Cliff’s Variety San Francisco. June 29 with Black Yacht Club at The Jacquelyn in Sacramento. Aug. 4 at Barrell Proof Lounge in Santa Rosa. I’m available for bookings too! I play a variety of styles and love to host and vend.

CH: Tell us about the oracle deck you have divined. I believe it’s called BDE?

SW: Beneficial Divine Evolution appeared to me via meditation, writing without judgment and divine bravery. The accuracy and relatability amazes me. Cosmic poetry and affirmations. Seventy-eight cards inspired by our chakras and the many paths in life. You can find BDE on Etsy (BlackStarBotanica) or find me at Strange Constellation’s Juneteenth Celebration in Santa Rosa.

CH: In addition to oracle readings and reiki healings, are you hosting a rock star charisma camp?

SW: StarPower 101 helps tap into each individual’s unique talents and presence. I also teach live looping. Private lessons and workshop bookings are welcome!

Learn more: Space Walker can be reached for bookings at [email protected] or through her Instagram, @spacewalker92, where one can reach portals to her dance and music and joyous vision.


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music in the park san jose