Nov 28, 2023

Movies, Marketing & Mayhem

Making movies is hard. Making movies that make money is even harder. Perhaps hardest of all is facing the stark realities of the American...
Nov 14, 2023

Well Framed: Visiting the Napa Valley’s Setting Inn

I am a sucker for conceptual art. Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa or sign a pseudonym onto a men’s room fixture (looking...
Oct 10, 2023

Bayside Stay: The Lodge at Tiburon

Those looking for a convenient, comfortable and classy stay with a side of San Francisco but none of the city’s sturm und drang, consider...
Sep 26, 2023

Wake Up and Smell National Coffee Day

Americans consume 491 million cups of coffee every day, and a disproportionate amount of that is due to me. Had the National Coffee Association, who...
Sep 26, 2023

Golden Gate Levee

Sea level gives rise to ideas The article, “Line in the Sand,” in the Sept. 20 issue says sea levels are rising, and we need...
Jenner resort
Aug 29, 2023

Creative Recharge: Jenner’s Timber Cove Resort

Editor's Note: ‘Staycation’ is a new twice-monthly feature exploring the wealth of day trips, overnights and weekend getaways available in and around the greater...
Jul 25, 2023

Atomic Angst ‘Oppenheimers’ old wounds

Nearly two decades ago, I somehow convinced my filmmaking pal, Abe Levy, to accompany me on a drive across the American Southwest, through the...
Jun 27, 2023

Man of Action: North Bay stunt professional Richard Squeri

“Action!” It’s a single word that activates the participants in a film scene. But for North Bay-based fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, armorer and educator...