Apr 10, 2024

Artificial Idiocy: Ghosted, in the Machine

In a moment that may be too meta to mention (but I will anyway), I am now an AI. More specifically, I am a generative...
Apr 3, 2024

State of North Bay Literary Arts

The existential threats to what writer Terry Southern called “the quality lit game” are real but ephemeral. Epochal shifts in media monetization, algorithmic mishegoss and...
Mar 26, 2024

Uncanceled: Kathy Griffin is back—and in Napa

In an age where the court of public opinion can decree the rise or fall of a career overnight, Kathy Griffin stands as a...
Mar 26, 2024

Your Letters, 3/27

Countdown With the election a few months away, those citizens who would not be comfortable with a fascist takeover of our country might want to...

Best Place to Enter One’s Own Heart of Darkness

Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Geyserville Sure, you may love the smell of Napa in the morning, but I’ll do you one better: Sipping a glass...
Mar 19, 2024

Best Place to Become a ‘Movie Prepper’

The Goodwill DVD section, Sonoma and Napa counties If I have my media history correct, video killed the radio star, then streaming killed the video...
Feb 6, 2024

Happy V.D.: New Study Might Surprise Locals

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are the contemporary trade terms for what was once called “Venereal Diseases.” For the purposes of...
Jan 31, 2024

Chasing Cellos: Rebecca Roudman’s virtuosic musical ‘elasticity’

Rebecca Roudman is a busy woman. A classically trained cellist, many know her as the dynamic performer rocking the cello in the Marin-based band Dirty...