Meeting Bernie

Bernie Sanders represents many things to many people. To me, he represents a thoughtful and considerate man, and here’s why:

While living in Vermont in the early ’80s, I had the opportunity to meet Burlington’s Mayor Sanders under somewhat challenging circumstances. The first took place on a bitterly cold day during the December holidays. I had parked in downtown Burlington, across from City Hall, to finish some last-minute gift shopping with my three young kids. When we returned to our parking space, the car—a rusty Subaru—was gone. It was then that Bernie approached with a “Can I help you?” When I told him I thought our car had been stolen, he looked at the street sign that clearly stated “12-minute Parking” and asked, “Did you read the sign?” I hadn’t. Bernie told us to “Wait here,” left us for a couple of minutes and returned to let us know that the car had been towed and he’d called a cab to take us to the car impoundment.

A few months later, after having dinner with friends in downtown Burlington, we got back to my car amid a full-blown snowstorm to discover the battery was dead. While we pondered what to do, a car slowly cruised by, made a U-turn, and pulled up to the front of us. Mayor Bernie emerged with the words, “Looks like you fellas need a jump.” Cables were connected, the car started and off he went.

Bernie is a true man of the people—then and now.

Retired Superintendent/Principal


For the Record

Thanks for your cover story “On The Record” (Feb. 26). I appreciated you representing this most enduring of formats—the vinyl record—and places where we can shop, buy and trade.

I especially appreciated the info on Jason Scogna’s radio show. Since 2014, I’ve been hosting an all-vinyl radio show called The Vinyl Cave, Friday nights 7–10pm on 91.3 FM KSVY in Sonoma. It can also be heard at I encourage people to discover or rediscover the fun of dropping the needle and feeling the warm sound of vinyl. Turn it up and you feel it in the heart, not in the head like other audio media.

Thanks again, Bohemian!!!


Helping SIFF

Our independent film festival in Sonoma still needs many more volunteers. The dates of the Sonoma International Film Festival are
March 25–29. Please go to our website,, click on the drop-down menu, then on “Support” and “Volunteers Welcome,” then on For more info or questions please contact: [email protected].


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