May 6: Open House at Bohemia Preserve


According to legend, vampires aren’t allowed to enter a home unless welcomed inside. Whether vampire or no, encroaching on someone else’s property unwelcomed never has a happy ending. Luckily, this weekend LandPaths opens its new 554-acre Bohemia Ecological Preserve to the public, where anyone can go on a guided hike, explore and learn more about the land. Music, dancing, food and more round out the open invitation. Just be careful of traipsing on the land next door—it’s the Bohemian Grove, and we hear they’re not so friendly to uninvited visitors. Check it out on Sunday, May 6, at the Bohemia Preserve. Shuttles run every 15-20 minutes from Westminster Woods, 6510 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental. Free. 11:30am–7pm. 707.544.7284.

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