May 3: Vintage Lingerie Show at Aubergine


It’s said that to make public speaking less nerve-wracking, it helps to imagine that everyone watching you is sitting in their underwear. Somehow, allegedly, this makes it funny and not intimidating. However, if there is an event designed for dressing up in lingerie and watching people display lingerie, does that make it still funny? Even if it’s vintage lingerie? This weekend, catch Aubergine’s Vintage Lingerie Fashion Show followed by live music from the band Q. The motto for this show is “sexy yet classy,” but feel free to see for yourself firsthand—or at least ask the band if they feel more or less comfortable playing to a bunch of people in their underwear. It’s all happening on Thursday, May 3, at Aubergine After Dark. 755 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 8pm. $10–$15. 707.827.3460.

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