May 5: ‘Jesus Phreak’ at Thanksgiving Lutheran Church


It’s a lot of pressure performing as a one-man show. If any mistakes are made, there’s only one person to blame. It may not be that hard for comedians or politicians (is there any difference?), but when it comes to telling the public about living as a gay Christian, the pink elephant in the room might as well start dancing and singing. R. Dale Smith, aka Jesus Phreak, is here to tell the world about his coming out—as a Christian. In his very honest one-man show, Smith tells of his experiences with faith and struggles growing up in a funny way. Good thing Jesus Phreak has a sense of humor. Catch his one-man show on Saturday, May 5, at the Thanksgiving Lutheran Church. 1225 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa. 4pm and 7pm. $5. 707.544.0241.

Sonoma County Library