.Letters to the Editor: May 31, 2017

On not letting it rest...

Blame the Gun

Thanks to Peter Byrne, Kathleen Finigan and the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County for their elucidating and eloquent letters in response to my letter (“Let It Rest,” May 10).

I agree with the Peace and Justice Center that the tilting scales of justice should be heard at the highest court level. I agree with Kathleen and Judge Smith that Sgt. Gelhaus does not have a license to kill teenagers within three seconds. Contrary to Peter, I think Erick is quite a guy for shouldering the awesome burden of this tragedy for our community.

Peter presaged the Bohemian’s Hot Summer Guide with aggressive language like “blasting,” “criminally,” “killer” (I’m one too, but called a “hero” for killing Iraqis in 1991), “splattering . . . automatic gunfire”. Peter concludes that all “white” (Erick’s skin, like mine, is actually closer to pink) cops want to shoot all “colored” children, and county officials value this skill over children’s lives. Absurd!

Peter, there is no way to nonaggressively carry a toy gun. Is there such a thing as a toy gun? Like candy cigarettes? What kind of community allows children on city streets with toy guns?

Peter and Kathleen’s ad hominem attacks are disappointing, but point to the way language and Goebbels’ Big Lie work to confuse the public. Machiavellian indeed. The refusal of both to use my name (they reference the “writer,” “author,” “this gentleman”) implies they fear the American bogeyman of “the Other.” Like the president fears immigrants. Surprising if Peter or Kathleen have ever carried a weapon for a living or to protect their community. That’s OK; there are people like Erick to do so for them.

Sheriff Freitas vows not to work with ICE at the street level. I support that. I support the Peace and Justice Center’s position on the excessive use of force by all deputies and the corroding influence of Sonoma County’s ubiquitous wineries and breweries. My perspective on culpability is neither skewed, nor do I blame Andy or his parents, though I wonder who let him out of the house with that toy gun. Sonoma County’s Sheriff’s Office may have a “serious problem.” Perhaps the Peace and Justice Center would support me if I ran for sheriff? Finally, I agree with people who believe this case has been ground into fine bits. Time to let Andy, Erick and Sonoma County rest.


Wicked Witch

Donald Trump is a witch. He practices magic, especially black magic, and casts spells over his followers. Even though Trump gave highly classified information to the Russians, advocates the imprisonment of journalists, grabs pussies, disparages the handicapped, obstructs justice with the firing of ex-FBI director James Comey, his supporters are more passionately pro-Trump than ever before.

The only explanation is witchcraft. Recently, I spoke to a Trump supporter, and she explained that she loves Trump because he is a champion of the working class. I said: “Look at what he does, not what he says.” I explained, by way of example, that his healthcare plan would throw 24 million Americans off their healthcare. She just stared at me blankly. The information did not register.

Yes, Donald Trump is a witch, and his followers are delusional.


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