.Kate Wolf Honored In New Television & Album Retrospectives

It’s been more than 30 years since acclaimed Northern California folk songwriter Kate Wolf passed away from leukemia, but her memory and music has remained a strong and influential force in the North Bay thanks to the annual Kate Wolf Music Festival, which honors her with a weekend of music every summer.

This year, Wolf’s music will also come alive with a new episode of “The American Music” television series on North Bay area PBS affiliate station KRCB-TV, airing June 4 at 5:30pm on channel 22.1.

The insightful documentary show will weave together family interviews, commentary, musical performances and storytelling to shine a light on Wolf’s accomplishments and legacy.

In addition, a newly released tribute album entitled “Unfinished Life…Dreams, Friendships and Farewells” gather 12 of Wolf’s compositions and highlights the songwriter’s commitment to love, friendship and artistry through choral interpretations.

The 22nd annual Kate Wolf Festival will feature more than 40 bands and artists performing among the open fields and old growth oak trees of Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville. June 22-25. For tickets and details, click here.


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