Letters to the Editor, March 9, 2014

Spring Lit send-up, Jello Biafra roolz, more

Spring Lit Love

Beautiful and brave piece by Teri Stevens (“There Was a Before,” April 2). I love that writing about Jeffrey keeps his memory alive.

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Hello, Jello

Hi, Jello (“Jello-Rama,” April 2]: Remember Frankie and Ripper and Johnny and Brittley, and playing at the Temple Beautiful? Go ahead, say no, I don’t remember either. Blame it on Yuppies and drugs. Jello Biafra always spoke and played his mind out. I’m sure the music put together for this beer-guzzlin’ little town blew some ear drums. You brought back great memories. By the way, for Santa Rosans, the Temple Beautiful was the previous stomping grounds for the Rev. Jim Jones. Koolaid!

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Be Civil

A citizen’s review board will help all concerned (“Oversight Knights,” April 2]. Too bad something as obvious as this is taking so long to implement. The police and sheriff’s departments might be concerned about less automatic rubber-stamping of their shootings, but their relations with the community should improve tremendously.

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Trauma of War

The rise in psychological trauma associated with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan should not surprise experts. The extent of wartime trauma is directly proportional to the type of warfare fought and the experiences encountered. Studies of Vietnam veterans show that between 26 and 31 percent have experienced PTSD. This rate is understandable given that the Vietnam War combat environment included both guerrilla and conventional warfare. It is arguable that the war in Iraq compares to the Vietnam War, as there is no safe place, no enemy lines, and threats surround the soldier on all sides—situations that can contribute to the development of PTSD. Now soldiers who suffered from PTSD and other mental illnesses are being send back to Iraq, after serving there!

War is the national creed of America. So even though in Washington they knew this was a problem, they didn’t manage it. They allowed doctors who are overstressed to write prescriptions for medications that might dull the pain temporarily, but can have horrible, tragic and sometimes even fatal results.

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