Letters to the Editor: June 24, 2015



The Confederate flag did not murder the Charleston, S.C., church folk. The NRA and Republican Party have the blood of this massacre and what will be the next one on their hands.

So can we please stop the futile and diversionary discussions of the “motivation” of the racist redneck in South Carolina, and historical analysis and further hysteria about the Stars and Bars flying on the S.C. Capitol grounds?

This ain’t the story, folks.

The blame is on the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party, who insist that anyone can have a gun. Including this guy. And the last one. And the next one.

Obama has been his normal courteous self, calmly and sadly mourning the latest victims of the NRA and its pathetic puppet, the Republican Party. Weak. The Dems and Obama should call it like it is: the NRA and Republicans are the cause of this (near weekly) massacre. No one has screamed at the top of his lungs, “Stop this insanity!” to demand absolute gun control and registration. Now!

Australia had its lunatic massacre and said, “Enough, we are a civilized society,” and they pretty much overnight eliminated guns in the country. Guess what? Murders dropped to practically nothing.

The Republicans, whose main platform is no gun control, are lubricated by the NRA. Let’s place the blame on how easily and legally the S.C. nutso hillbilly got his gun, and ask is this the society we want? Most would say no. Is it the society the Republicans and NRA want? Yes.

The media is screeching about the latest tragedy without stating the cause because they are so frightened of telling the truth, which is that we are the only “civilized” country that allows a nut-job political party to allow and encourage these predictable deaths for the profits of gun manufacturers. Nothing is sacred to these profit-seeking maniacs, neither churchgoers nor children, and it will happen again. We permit it by voting for any Republican.

We are programmed by the media, editorials, blogs and social media, and the government to wet our pants in fear over “terrorism,” spending our resources on the war machine and not our own education, environment, schools, bridges and infrastructure.

Guess how many “terrorist” deaths have occurred in the U.S. in the last 30 years? Did you guess about 3,800? Yes, under 4,000, including 9-11 and Oklahoma City. Imagine that this figure represents the thickness of a penny on a table.

Now, let’s get back to gun deaths. How many people in the same time period in the U.S. were killed by guns? If a penny’s thickness represents all terrorism deaths in the U.S. for approximately 30 years, then figure out how high the pennies would be stacked to represent U.S. gun deaths during the same time. A foot, three feet high? Maybe 10 feet high? Twenty, 50, 100 feet? No. One-third of a mile is the correct answer.

Thank you for killing us NRA and Republicans. You are more lethal than ISIS, al Qaida and all the other “terrorists.” You, NRA and GOP, are the real terrorists, and the blood of these church murders is on your hands.

Santa Rosa

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Sonoma County Library