Letters to the Editor: July 9, 2014


Funny to think of Charles “NRA” Heston being an unwitting revolutionary (“Gorilla Warfare,” July 2). Not the first time he played straight man without being aware of the joke (clueless gay crush object in Ben Hur). I don’t disagree with the analysis here, but it should be said that none of the original sequels were exactly good movies. Tim Burton’s Planet is destined for the shelf of “never watch again” next to Ang Lee’s Hulk movie. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Tim Roth is buying up all the copies because he gets a muscle spasm any time someone sees it. Despite any firehose references, the new Rise wholeheartedly replaced genuine political content with CGI. I’ll probably go see Dawn, but my expectations are low.

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Why is this a story (“Camp Koch,” July 2)? Every year, we’re treated to the same conspiracy/99 percent-ers’ rant; i.e., rich white guys who control the world, have shown up to pee on trees, smoke cigars, burn owls an in general, do what guys do. The horror.

Is it that they’re rich? White? Have views that our county in general disagrees with? You mention Dixie cups and Angel Soft toilet paper, but have you looked in your own kitchen and bathroom lately? Frankly, has any of us?

The larger question is always the same: Do we want to reduce our consumerism to purchase only products made by those who supposedly agree with us in every aspect of life. Oh no, just the biggies: healthcare, abortion, same-sex marriage, immigration, coal burning, and Prius buying, of course. Should we change to Democrat and Republican toilet paper? Should we paint our houses and dress our children red and blue? I thought we were supposed to be progressive and open? Earth to the people who are angry that some people are rich, choose to smoke cigars and pee in the woods: there are 7 billion–plus people on the planet, and not all of them see the world as you do!

Last week at the amazing Michael Franti and Spearhead concert in Berkeley, I witnessed a crazy spectacle—young, white (and black) girls, peeing in the mens’ bathroom. All of us peeing together, one big happy family. And I didn’t even check who they voted for. Now that’s a story.



The Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County supports the peaceful resolution of conflict in Iraq and opposes any U.S. bombing or military intervention. Some of the dispute can be traced to the 2003 U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. We mourn the deaths of Iraqis, Americans and others. While the resolution is unclear, we hope the U.S. has learned from the recent past, and the pitfalls of military action.



It sounds like George Neillands (“DFW Skeptical of Record Coho Salmon Migration,” June 25, Boho Blog) hasn’t evaluated the data, and yet he’s telling the public to doubt the results. Is he acting as a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, or offering his own opinion? The article doesn’t say. I like seeing the Bohemian report on a scientific debate, but not if it’s just speculation by a scientist not involved in the research.

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I’ve recently attended two “community listening” meetings by the Palm Drive Hospital District board of directors. Many people expressed dismay that the board seemed to be promoting everything but reopening the hospital. While concerns for teenage smoking and nutrition are important, the parcel tax initiatives specifically direct hospital funds be spent on acute care and local emergency services.

Many people said they want the hospital reopened, and some wondered how much money was spent by the board on attorneys and PR. Constituents want medical professionals on the board, people who are familiar with the issues facing hospitals today and who are committed to resolving them. More than 15 people left because reopening Palm Drive Hospital was off the table. One who asked how long the board was going to block the foundation’s plan to reopen the hospital was ruled “out of order.”

Comments by community leaders in a Sonoma County assessment indicate that public safety officers need the hospital to be reopened. The board maintains that the hospital had to be closed, but financial statements indicate that without excessive administrative salaries and expenditures and elimination of a citizen financial review committee, the hospital could have remained open.

We need a real discussion of the facts, not ancillary, choreographed “brainstorming.” One comment summed it up: a teenager hit by a bus needs immediate ER care, not nutritional or anti-smoking advice.


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