Letters to the Editor: July 27, 2016

Does anybody remember laughter, indeed!

Radioactive Sushi

Last week’s cover (“Japanese Food Is Hot,” July 20) initially brought on excited hopes that our North Bay weekly on the West Coast of the United States would finally weigh in on the Fukushima nuclear explosions and tsunami on the east coast of Japan. However, there is no word of how lethal the fish caught off our shores and in the Pacific Rim fishing grounds has undoubtedly become.

I, for one, and perhaps many others, have stopped eating sushi and even stopped going to Japanese restaurants due to continuous leaking of radioactivity from the third reactor into the oceans off the coast of Japan. I have decided it is not safe to eat fish or seaweed. Your article does mention the importing of Japanese vegetables not being allowed, but no mention of them not being safe to eat. It is good to learn that local growing sources are being utilized for organic options and tastes.

Your article is definitely an opportunity to feature the new wave of Japanese cuisine restaurants. This is a promotion with serious questions to be asked, questions not welcomes by the new owners and chefs, I’m sure. Why not weigh in on the dangers to our health? That is my question to you and your editorial staff. We need your voice in the North Bay to report the serious health hazards we are currently facing.


Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

OK, well now it looks like we have received a really famous rant, assuming that the recent article in the Open Mic (July 20), which almost caused me to have a trumper tantrum, was actually written by Donald Trump’s wife, and not someone with the same name.

First, Melania, regarding Menswear: yes, men do swear, but so do women, so stop staring away and talking about a stairway to menswear. And, speaking of women, I thought Caitlyn Jenner was actually a man?

Yes, people do smoke pot in California, as they do around the world. However, many more people smoke tobacco, which kills thousands every year. Speaking of rings of smoke, I assume you are not old enough to have ever seen nor met Captain Smith, or Pocahontas.

As for as the rest of the nonsensical article that I was barely able to comprehend, might I suggest you hire Michele Obama to help you write an article? Or maybe you should go back to Slovenia.


Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall
Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
All his king’s horses
And all his king’s men
Could not put Trumpty Dumpty
together again.

Pity, maybe he should hire some good, cheap Mexican labor for the repair job.

Santa Rosa

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