Letters to the Editor: July 25, 2018

'The 'No on C' side conducted a campaign of misinformation'

C Change

The “No on C” side conducted a campaign of disinformation that intentionally created confusion (“Full Measure,” July 18). I was polled three times over the course of several months prior to the election, and had one paid campaigner come to my door after that. The first poll surveyed what issues people in Napa County did and did not like. Then the “No on C” folks claimed in their advertising that Measure C would cause all the things the poll covered that people didn’t like.

They also claimed that they were in support of sustainable agriculture, which, of course, people like me, who they surveyed that first time around, favored. Overuse of our water and the loss of significant watershed habitat does not, however, help sustain agriculture over the long haul.

The next two polls were push-polls designed to tilt people into opposition of Measure C, again by spreading disinformation based on what people did and didn’t like in the first poll.

It was the worst form of propaganda, pure and simple, paid for by moneyed interests.


Time Has Come

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling denying Sonoma County’s petition for certiorari in the Andy Lopez matter was welcome news to many, especially when taken in the light of recent rulings by this present “activist” conservative court, which has not hesitated to weigh in on matters regarding the extension of the concept of qualified immunity for police officers.

That our five Sonoma County supervisors would cast a yes vote to appeal this sad case to the highest court in the land is indicative of a serious disconnect with the community and reality. But the most egregious side effect of their poor decision is the prolonged hurt that it has caused the Lopez family. When juxtaposed against the viable alternative of settlement, this becomes all the more outrageous.

The time has come for the supervisors to face reality that settlement of this matter is the best option for catalyzing the healing process. Our county owes the Lopez family at least this much—and so much more.


Promise Broken

Prior to the last election for First District supervisor, I was on a committee of five from the Sonoma County Democratic Club. We interviewed all candidates running for the position. We directly asked supervisor Susan Gorin what she thought of marijuana and where she thought it should be cultivated in Sonoma County for commercial businesses. Her reply: it should be grown in industrial, self-contained areas and not in rural residential neighborhoods. Do your research. Read the paper. Susan Gorin has not kept her campaign promise to our committee as to where commercial marijuana should be cultivated.

Santa Rosa

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