Letters to the Editor: August 22, 2018

A guy is really mad at us this week...


“Discover” is an insulting term for a place that is already inhabited. Eurocentric history devalues the true history of our region.

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Mystery Solved?

Thanks to editor Stett Holbrook, and the Bohemian for publishing the first article about my Drake landing site hypothesis (“Drake Detective,” Aug. 8), now available online. As was mentioned in the article, my archeological team and I spent several years searching for the artifact that would have made the discovery indisputable (finding only iron tracings); however, I sincerely believe that the collected “circumstantial evidence” is strong enough to win if this were a court case. I invite the readers (if they haven’t already) to take a look at the detailed evidence on my Sir Francis Drake website at sfdrakefoundation.org, and decide for themselves if one of the greatest of all California historical mysteries has finally been solved.

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Slanted and Disenchanted

Another shoddy, slanted piece by the Bohemian (“High Hats,” Aug. 15). No wonder your reviews are so poor.

For starters, the name of the group opposing commercial pot operations in residential areas is Save Our Sonoma Neighborhoods, not Save our Sonoma County Neighbors. So, good journalism there, nice that you bothered to get the name right. Obviously, you didn’t talk to any members. And we are not “the neighbors” or “the neighbor camp.” You can use SOSN as an abbreviation.

Also, the board voted against exclusion zones, they didn’t enact them. This after their own committee recommended them and three supervisors previously were favorable.

Were you even there?

We have had seven home invasions and 10 murders at Sonoma pot grows in the past three years. We had another shooting at a legal grow last week, with an attempted murder.

The myth that legalization leads to less crime has been debunked. Colorado has had 11 pot-related homicides since legalization. How is that working?

So as to your statement that the neighbor’s camp cited “perceived” threats to safety: are you for real? How many have to die, how many women and children need to get tied up and pistol-whipped before you stop calling it a “perceived” safety issue? Fifteen? Twenty? What’s your number?

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