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Credit Card Predators

I would like to write to support Michael Carnacchi’s stand against the predatory practices of credit card companies (“David and Two Goliaths,” Dec. 16).

I’ve had two recent run-ins with GE Money. I believe that this company does not send out statements letting their customers know when a payment is due. The only correspondence I received from them was when my account was “delinquent” and, of course, that meant penalties and over 30 percent interest rate charges.

I respect what Michael is doing and would like to do what I can to help him fight his battle. I believe we have a financial mafia in this country, and think his battle is our own.

Marian Murphy


Monsanto Can Eat a Bag Of . . .

Having been on the front lines battling Monsanto and its transgenic creations on the island of Maui, I enjoyed the recent installation of Green Zone (“Monsanto at the Coffee House,” Dec. 9). Hawaii is known to have more genetically modified experimental crops per acre than any other state in the nation.

While confronting the pro-Monsanto Ph.D.s in the local printed media, I had the odd fortune of meeting two of them personally. The first was a GMO forerunner from Canada, who has built his reputation upon the platitudes of transgenic experimentation. He gave a seemingly sincere and earnest talk about how GMO drought-resistant seeds could “feed the world.” I countered that technology has never been the obstacle to feeding the world. I suggested that at any time in history the human race has had the ability to cultivate, cooperate and share food supplies when needed. Lack of will, not the way, has been our problem. He offered no retort.

The second Ph.D. I met at a debate sponsored by a local community organization. With the knowledge that Monsanto intentionally creates genomes that assume dominance when cross-pollinating with indigenous varieties, I asked my opponent the simple question, “Doesn’t it bother you as a scientist to support such an aggressive technology?” His simple answer: “No.”

Monsanto is convinced of its self-appointed manifest destiny of biological imperialism. Twenty years ago, they lobbied our federal government to create laws to protect their technological intrusion upon the natural world. Predatory capitalism is their creed, control is their greed.

James Miner, N.F.I.N. (No Fake Initials Necessary)

San Rafael

More handy tips!

Your headline of Dec. 16, “Goy to the World,” makes no sense. If Santa is Jewish, “Jew to the World” would be more accurate.

And regarding “Stuck Between Yes and No on Words Ending in ‘Ola,'” what about:

NOLA—New Orleans, La.

mola mola—the ocean sunfish

Victrola—like music?

Osceola—Seminole leader

Angola—prison that produced much good music


Loyola—respectable institution of higher learning

Lola—whatever she wants, she gets

gladiola—nice plant

Crayola—kids like ’em

Gorgonzola—flavorful cheese

granola—for the muffins

schnozzola—nice beak

gondola—a little romance

Emile Zola—French writer

payola—so that’s why we got sorry music

Frankie “Sweet Music” Viola—helluva pitcher

Pensacola—it’s Florida, but the water’s warm

Rick Huber


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