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Sako Satire

I want to thank the Bohemian for granting its progressive imprimatur to John Sakowicz’s stock recommendations (“Dancing with the Bear,” Nov. 19). There’s no point pretending that anything is more important than my personal financial aggrandizement, so now I feel much better about investing in socially and environmentally responsible corporations like Freeport McMoRan and Rayonier. Clearly the biosphere is irrelevant to my profiting from carbon-age giants like Petrobras, Chesapeake Energy, Ultra Petroleum, AEP and Duke Energy. I look forward to building my mega-mansion somewhere 300 feet above sea level and watching the ocean roll up to my valuable acreage. I’d also like to recommend that people who still have cash invest in private prison corporations, private military companies, weapons manufacturers and anything else that will be making big money from security and repression. Thanks again, Bohemian!

Jay Williamson
 Santa Rosa

Compassionate Banking

Yes, folks, it’s true—you saw it here first! One huge banking corporation has found a simple way to channel some of those funds back into the economy! They are suing a homeless, penniless person I know who owes them around $5,000 on a credit card. They are using three lawyers and a subpoena to do this. I’m imagining they will spend roughly twice as much as he owes them on court costs in order to sue him for nothing, of which he has plenty. Brilliant!

Perhaps our taxes will fill in the blanks, or they have some granting organization helping them out due to their great misfortune of late. I don’t know about you, but this fills me with deep compassion for our trembling banking system. How can we help our noble banks give this slacker his well-deserved and expensive slap on the wrist?

N. Morris


Re P. Joseph Potocki’s article on bankruptcy (“Jubilee! It’s Bankruptcy,” Nov. 19): Thanks so much for writing and printing what most of America just doesn’t want to acknowledge.

Santa Rosa

Vintage Vitriol

Although I admire your detective work to uncover what from the outside appears to be exploitation of employees of WDS and other sampling companies, I believe the proof is in the pudding (“We Are Family?” by P. Joseph Potocki, April 30). Shopping is an experience, not just about the product or price. Costco employees are high-caliber, often educated, professionals. Most of the “Demo Dollies,” as your many quotes from them prove, are uneducated, unhappy and unable to articulate properly. Many of the people whom I have encountered in Costco sampling areas are a very negative reflection of a great company, and do not deserve the $8 per hour they receive.

BTW, have you had the tzatziki dip with pita chips? Or the goat cheese logs? Or the Campari tomatoes? Gosh, how I love Costco and living on the Carolina coast!

miss Powell
Wilmington, N.C.  

We wouldn’t normally print a letter in response to an eight-month-old story but this particular feature has some weird Internet legs that we can’t quite reckon, and prompts weekly letters from around the country, this being the most unintentionally amusing example for its glib intolerance and enthusiastic culinary and geographic recommendations.



Dept. of Thanks

By 6pm on Dec. 3, the cake was baked, the candles lit, the many copies of the Boho laid out, and some 20 writers assembled to read their Jive Turkey submissions. A fine time was had by all, particularly the five winners, who each received a $20 gift certificate from Copperfield’s Books for their efforts. And that would be: Copperfield’s Books whom we neglected to thank earlier. Thanks, Copperfield’s!

The Ed.
Still Learning Basic Manners


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