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David Templeton’s New Best Friend

If it weren’t for the Bohemian and your David Templeton (the king of North Bay drama critics), this transplanted New Yorker and inveterate theater rat/playwright would miss a huge number of wonderful productions in his own backyard. We certainly can’t depend on the Press Democrat to keep its readers abreast of local theater, now can we? I’m amazed (and sometimes appalled) by the PD‘s scattershot coverage, particularly by a number of wonderful productions it ignored at Spreckels alone.

Luckily, thanks to your King David, I was able to catch all the plays that my favorite North Bay actress, Tara Blau, appeared in, and, if I may be so bold, a feature interview with this beautiful and talented local treasure is long overdue. Hint, hint.

 As for Templeton’s “Top 10 Torn Tickets” (say that 10 times fast!), it’s a great list (Dec. 24). But I have an addendum to make for the 10th choice on his list of the best plays of 2008, Always, Patsy Cline. “This year-ending love-bomb,” as Templeton called it, will be playing for three weeks at the Cinnabar Theatre in Petaluma until Jan. 17 if you missed its run at the Sixth Street Playhouse. This fact was mentioned in his original review way back in November, but just in case it was forgotten or overlooked, it shouldn’t be now.

Bob Canning

  ‘Always, Patsy Cline’ is also dutifully listed under Theater in our calendar. For details, see p42.

Heart & Soul

Regarding the “Annual Letter from the Streets” (Letters, Dec. 31), I am also homeless, but in Santa Rosa. I pass through San Rafael often. You can say “whatever” about the Marin homeless, but this man is right! They took the heart and soul out of a very special place for so many needy people when they let the holy man go. And that would be Father Martin.

Willie B.
Santa Rosa

‘Uncool’ being the worst of it?

Dear Editor,

Below is a summary of the Bush years in four short paragraphs. Paragraph 1: The 2000 election; Paragraph 2: 9-11; Paragraph 3: The Iraq war; and Paragraph 4: The aftermath.

(Read in rap rhythm.)
Unelected, unfit
Unaccomplished, unworthy,
Unwise, unapproachable
and uncool.

Unaware, unprepared, unsure
Undecided, unnerved, unconvincing
Uninspiring, unpatriotic,
and uncool.

Untrue, unbending, unlawful
Unbridled, uncivilized, undeterred,
Unjust, unresolved, unashamed,
and uncool.

Unpopular, unrepentant, 
Unaccountable, unconstitutional
Unimpeachable, unacceptable,
and unreal.

Emilio Gonzalez

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

With all the news about the auto company bailout, why isn’t anyone talking about the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? GM had the technology to produce an electric vehicle in the ’90s called the EV1. They did produce it, but refused to sell it; they would only lease it. This car came about due to the 1990 California mandate titled ZEV, the Zero Emission Mandate. GM took back every EV1 and crushed them in spite of the public’s offer to buy them. I suggest everyone Google Who Killed the Electric Car? and read about this travesty for themselves. Or better yet, assign a journalist to write an article for the Bohemian, and alert the public as to why we may not want to bail out this loser company.

A. Burke
Santa Rosa


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