Letters to the Editor


An Open Letter

This is an open letter to Sonoma County Fifth District Supervisor-Elect Efren Carrillo

Dear Efren: They say you are a nice guy, but some of us in the West County wonder why you let your campaign be soiled by dirty money and dishonest ads. If you know your West County history, you will see a graveyard of politicians who ignored the conservation ethic that we require of our representatives. We wish you well, but we will be watching to see how you pay off your debt to your developer benefactors. They may have put you there, but they can’t keep you there.


Pieter S. Myers



Gates Should Go

I am very concerned about the notion of Bush’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates staying on at the Pentagon. Gates has vocally opposed Obama’s withdrawal plan for Iraq. Gates has also become the leading voice in the Bush administration pushing for an aggressive nuclear-weapons posture. And even many conservatives have argued that he has a habit of skewing intelligence to fit his predetermined policy preferences.

Obama’s desire for a diversity of views around the cabinet table is refreshing. But Robert Gates’ support for the policies of the past makes him the wrong person to lead U.S. military and foreign policies in a new direction.

Colbee McManamon



Saw Always, Patsy Cline last evening (“American Idol,” Nov. 19). The audience was delirious. Both actresses seemed to be freshly bonding. [Mary Gannon] Graham inhabited Cline. I wanted to rush the stage to worship Graham’s singing, reminiscent of k.d. lang. Good review. Please keep track of both these actresses.

Michael Gamble

Santa Rosa



Travelers Tales

This is a bus passenger alert: Sonoma County Transit is no longer going to the downtown Petaluma bus stop at Fourth and C streets. They are planning to eliminate this popular and much-needed access point. Riders will now have a long walk to and from the new transit mall.

No notice of this change has been given to the public, but you can make your voice heard by contacting Bryan Albee, transportation manager for the County of Sonoma, at 707.585.7516 or by emailing through the SCTransit.com website. Please let them know that the public wants and needs the downtown bus stop at Fourth and C.

Sandy Lee

Rohnert Park