June 2-3: Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Infineon Raceway


I drive a 1964 Volvo, and it’s so recognizable and unlike other cars on the road that I often joke how I could never have an affair because someone would notice it driving away from the fleabag motel and call my wife. So you’ve got to really pity the drivers of the completely unique cars at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival—that is, if they want to cheat on their wives. Which I don’t! Really! It’s just a way of showing that the 400-odd cars at Infineon this weekend—vintage Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars and more—aren’t like the other cars on the road. I’m just . . . There’s no writing my way out of this one, is there? Oh well. Check out old cars and don’t cheat on your wife on Saturday–Sunday, June 2–3, at Infineon Raceway. 8:30am each day. $20–$40. 800.870.RACE.