July 21-22: Reggae on the River


Good idea. Where’s the keg? Aaaah. . . look at this shit. No, you gotta lay the ice on top! You know me bro, I’ll fall asleep if I. . .Hey man, this is Reggae on the River. Humans being, that’s the best way I can explain it. . . Hit me back on Sunday—just hit me back on Sunday! Sunscreen? Sunscreen, anybody sunscreen? Pink floatie? There’s no pink floatie, dude. Aahhoho, pink floatie! Great spot. “Everybody put jah hands in the air!” Wooooooooo! “I wanna hear e’rybody in the whole damn place say. . .” Yeeaah! “RAASTAFAARRAAII. . .!!” Dude, that was. . . Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22, at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area. 2 miles south of Garberville on Highway 101. $60 single day; $110 full weekend. 707.923.3368.

Sonoma County Library