Jan. 17: Battle of the Baristas Final Showdown at Taylor Maid


I spent years behind coffeehouse counters, steaming up foamy lattes with glum despair before learning how to make a proper coffee drink. It took training by a boss who viewed coffee as an art form to change my ways. Under her tutelage, I learned the exact temperature at which milk caramelizes, how to make a superb espresso shot (tiger stripes, people), and the way to pour freshly steamed milk so as to produce crema-licious rosettes. I’m now as obsessed with a well-made cappuccino as the 30 Oliver’s Market baristas who’ve trained with Taylor Maid Farms for the past three months in preparation for the ultimate challenge. Bask in their knowledge and skill at the Battle of the Baristas Final Showdown on Thursday, Jan. 17, at Taylor Maid Farms. 7190 Keating Ave., Sebastopol. 6pm. 707.634.7129.

Sonoma County Library