.IMPACT! Rally for Prop. 8

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From the way-too-late-for-our-pub-date files:

In response to Tuesday’s decision by the California State Supreme

Court to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage mandated by Proposition

8, the Petaluma Youth Pride Coalition is organizing a protest and

candlelight vigil in Helen Putnam Plaza at 5:30 pm on Saturday, May 30th in downtown

Petaluma. The Coalition, previously known as the Petaluma Gay-Straight

Alliance, is calling on people to bring “signs, rainbows, candles,

matches, anything you feel will help express your point in a peaceful

and respectful manner.”

Joining the Petaluma Youth Pride Coalition will be IMPACT!, a local

organization that struggles for immigrants’ and workers’ rights,

organizes against police violence, and works to build networks of

neighborhoods and community organizations in Sonoma County.

The Youth Pride Coalition states: “This Tuesday the California Supreme

Court voted to uphold the voters’ decision to restrict marriage to

pertain only to a man and a woman. This means that the needs of the

minorities, their most basic rights, can now be usurped by the vote of

the majority. This is clearly wrong and we cannot simply stand by as

Californian citizens are denied equality and respect.”

For more information, go to www.petalumayouthpride.weebly.com, or



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