.Ian Curtis’ Gravestone Stolen

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As reported by BBC News, the gravestone for Joy Division’s Ian Curtis has been stolen this week from its Macclesfield, UK cemetery.
Police and city authorities are “stunned,” “shocked,” and “agog” at the theft, but, like, have they never met any Joy Division fans? Can they really be surprised that the tombstone of a singer with the most death-obsessed fans in the world has been stolen?
More obviously: look at the thing. It’s begging to be stolen. It’s the perfect size to fit in a backpack and it’s held in place by tarmac, for chrissakes. On top of all that, it’s inscribed with the ultimate Joy Division epitaph, “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” I mean, geez. Who wouldn’t think about stealing it?
I don’t wanna seem like I’m rooting for the bad guys, but come on.
(I was way more surprised when Mac Dre’s tombstone got nabbed.)

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  1. I would like to simply say that maybe this is a sign that Macclesfield should make the effort to make a large monolith of a gravestone in memorial of the great singer/songwriter…if John Lennon has one than Ian Curtis most definately should.

  2. selfish. someone who really likes ian curtis that much should have made a mural or something instead of stealing ian’s gravestone. whoever took it has stolen from ian’s friends, family, fans, and of course ian.
    Return it, jerk

  3. i love ian curtis from joy division he is so cool and hot it sucks that he died though .


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