Going Gaga

The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art has a new installation in the LaHaye Gallery, and it is delicious. Many folks will recognize the art by its wonderful balance and rich aroma, created by the recognizable four-cup drip bar from the Santa Rosa Saturday farmers market, with the artist standing behind it every weekday.

“My preference is straight-up drip,” says Gary Jimmerson of Gaga Cafe. (He swears there’s no relation to the pop singer.) “But if it’s an espresso drink, I like a cappuccino.”

Along with the drinks, made with Santa Rosa’s Ecco Caffè coffee beans, there’s the atmosphere; tea kettles burst with flowers on Parisian-style sidewalk tables, and windows let in energizing sunlight to the 450-square-foot space just off the square to create a fitting ambiance for a museum of fine art.

Each drink is made to order, no air pots or warmers in sight. Jimmerson’s pour-over coffee is fresher than regular drip and reveals the character of the coffee in a unique way. It’s also for more than just museum patrons; the cafe opens to the street, and hosts rotating art installations.

Jimmerson opened last week—his first permanent installation. Find Gaga Cafe at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, 551 Broadway, Sonoma. Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm. 707.939.7862.—Nicolas Grizzle