Food Drive on (Nontoxic) Steroids


We’ve all dutifully taken the flyers handed out by volunteers in front of the supermarket and bought items on the list. Nonperishables, canned vegetables, pasta, beans, peanut butter—kitchen staples that can be given to the ill, the homeless, the poor. The SuperFood Drive applauds our efforts, but reminds that when altruistically shopping, one can do better than white flour, high fructose corn syrup and other empty calorie carriers. When altruistically shopping, perhaps it’s better to think as you do when shopping for family: whole grains, nutritious beans, real fruit juice, brown rice—you’ve heard of them—healthy foods.

The brainchild of Ruthi Solari, SuperFood Drive strives to educate those poised to give to choose quinoa instead of white rice, dried blueberries instead of syrup-packed pineapple, black beans instead of their refried brethren. Based in San Diego, Solari comes to the North Bay on April 16 for a fundraiser for her new nonprofit that benefits the Redwood Empire Food Bank and features a four-course meal and screening of the documentary Food, Inc. This event is private, but SuperFood Drive looks to host regular events in the coming months.

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