Fairfax Dispensary First Licensed to Deliver in U.S.

Fairfax approves first licensed medial pot delivery system in US

June 21, 2010 

(Fairfax, Calif.) The Fairfax Planning Commission recently approved a plan for the first licensed and regulated medical cannabis delivery system in the nation. 

Lynette Shaw, the plan’s organizer and operator of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, looks at the approval as an historic move by the town of Fairfax, Calif. where she has operated the alliance for the past 13 years. The change allows delivery to individuals who are too ill or who can’t travel to the licensed facility to receive safe medical cannabis delivery, Shaw states. “I am proud of Fairfax,” Shaw says of the decision. “I feel honored by all the support we have.” 

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana has been licensed to distribute medical marijuana since 1997. Shaw held the only permit to do so in California for some 10 years until other municipalities started to regulate the non-profit sales of medical cannabis. There have been very few problems during the 13 years the Marin Alliance has been open, and not a single violation from the lengthy list of conditions.  

Several other modifications to the original permit were also loosened up with out-dated rules removed making it easier for patients to comply with the law. 

The controversy over unlicensed dispensaries and unregulated medical pot delivery services has exploded statewide and the issue has been featured in much media commentary.  


6 School St Plaza #215.

Fairfax, Ca 94930