December 22: Polly Lappetito at the Culinary Institute of America

After the rush of decorating, shopping, organizing, shuffling relatives, fielding RSVPs and wrapping presents, who the hell wants to cook? One could take a cursory flip-though of the Larousse Gastronomique as inspiration—or opt for a cooking demonstration at the Culinary Institute of America with none other than in-house Greystone Restaurant chef Polly Lappetito. Anyone with “appetito” as part of their name has to be good with food, right? And especially if you’re talking family recipes. Lappetito will be preparing her family’s Christmas manicotti recipe and demonstrating the fine art of making manicotti shells. By the day’s end, you’ll want to call off that turkey and order up eggplant, basil and chicken for Christmas dinner. Lappetito inspires on Wednesday, Dec. 22, at the Culinary Institute of America. 2555 Main St., St. Helena. 5–7pm. Free. 707.967.2320.

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