Colors of the Counties


Spring can really hang you up the most, goes the old song—but spring also inspires, infuses and invigorates. New scents, new loves, new foods and most of all, new colors. The bursting whites of the cherry trees in downtown Santa Rosa. The rich, strong greens of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin. The endless reds, yellows and pinks of winery roses in Napa.

Like throwing on glasses for the first time, something happened to us this spring. We suddenly became aware of the lushness all around us, and not only visually. Names, themes, ideas and titles came to the forefront, and we dug right in.

As the earth undergoes its annual rebirth, so we walk in the newness of life. For this year’s Resident Tourist Guide, we took a look at how color influences our experience here, from nude beaches to closed pubs to martinis and jazz. Extensive listings for local restaurants, wineries and spas guide you through a colorful trip on the backroads of the counties we call home.

Sure, one can head to Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park next month for the opening of “World of Color”—it’ll offer tourists a superficial sense of the color spectrum. For true dazzlement, however, we need look no further than our own backyards. Dani Burlison, Suzanne Daly and Rose McMackin split the duties, examining the tone and hue of Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties.

Sonoma County Library