Caring at Last

For Bohemian Grove, a positive protest

It’s true that we need to highlight the police abuse in our community when it comes to our children, especially black, Latino and poor white youth. But we also have to look at the bigger question of inequality in the larger society, as this abuse is not unique to this community; in fact, there are many communities around us that are much worse off and consider Sonoma County to be quite privileged compared to theirs.

So why is this problem so universal in our culture? Why do the police, who are supposedly part of the 99%, not act in our best interests? We’ve spent over a decade confronting the issue of police abuse after several spates of unnecessary killings of local youth and the mentally ill, including that of Jeremiah Chass.

But the police are not the source of what ails us; they are merely the face of it. We live in a sick culture that stems from the pursuit of money and power, a culture where caring is looked upon as being counterproductive; a culture that is still overcoming racism after all these decades; a culture that disrespects women to the point that we still don’t have control over our own bodies; a culture with rigid class divisions and income inequality that is steadily getting worse.

And who would go so far as to see caring in a negative light? Are you aware of the annual ritual called the “cremation of care” held as the opening ceremony at Bohemian Grove every July? This will be the 133rd year that the 1% has held this bizarre ritual as they begin their two-week encampment in our backyard.

But this year they will be met with a new concept that I hope will become as ingrained as the 1% concept has become. This year we are calling for the first ever creation of care on July 14 at the Monte Rio Amphitheater with Cindy Sheehan, the Fukushima Mothers delegation, Code Pink and the endorsement of over 20 local and regional groups.

What better place to create care than at Bohemian Grove where the elite of the military, government, corporate and financial circles congregate every year?

Mary Moore is an activist from Camp Meeker.

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