Bring Kasandra Home


We have all been going in circles with thoughts of “Why?” and “How?”—but we always come back to “What?” Kasandra has been the light in our eyes since the beginning. Something is keeping her away from us, and we are worried sick about her. News of her disappearance has devastated our family.

Kasandra was declared missing on July 9 and was last seen in Healdsburg with Robbie Huffman, 19 years old. We have attempted contact with close friends of Robbie’s, but have had no success. Our family and friends have been canvassing the streets of Santa Rosa, where we continue to receive calls about possible sightings. We have been working closely with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, and local news publications have been following the story.

We believe Kasandra is in danger of some sort. She has not used her cell phone since July 8. There has been no contact between her and any of us or her friends. This behavior is completely out of character for her. Kasandra and I would talk regularly; she kept in constant contact with our aunt. But no one has heard from her.

Up until July 8, Kasandra was the typical teenager, addicted toFacebook and attached to her phone. She had five days left of summer school at Sonoma Valley High. She was back on track with school and showed excitement for her senior year, talking about going off to college.

Her family hopes and prays everyday for her safe return. If she is out there safe and sound, we just want to know.

If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of Kasandra Rose Poshepny or Robbie Huffman, please call the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department at 707.565.2121 or e-mail [email protected] or call her sister, Jess Poshepny, at 707.243.3062.