Last week, the North Bay Bohemian stood alone among local newspapers when it recommended that readers attend a pair of 2 Live Crew shows at the Rios nightclub in Rio Nido Friday and Saturday, Nov. 19 and 20. As it turns out, the perverted rap legends crept into town a day early for a Thursday night gig at Little Switzerland in Sonoma. That’s when all hell broke loose. Details remain scant at this time, but allegedly, a girl in a fishnet body stocking and a micromini-skirt, a banana and a bit more butt crack than current state Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations allow were involved. By the time hordes of eager 2 Live Crew fans flocked to Rios for Friday night’s appearance, Sonoma County code enforcement officials had jumped in, canceling both 2 Live Crew shows because the nightclub, which has been holding live music events since it reopened under new ownership six months ago, allegedly doesn’t have a cultural event permit. Results of a forensic test performed on a banana peel found at Little Switzerland are pending.

Senior Care Update

A Napa nursing home mentioned in a recent North Bay Bohemian news story on the poor quality of care offered in local convalescent centers (“Minding Your Elders,” Nov. 3) was taken over by federal regulators last week. After numerous allegations of improper care by state officials, Pleasant Care Napa was placed under temporary management of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The federal oversight will continue until the nursing home has fully complied with state and federal regulations.

Peopleologist Park?

Petaluma loves its local heroes, and none more than Bill Soberanes, who died in 2002 at age 81 after writing his popular column for the Petaluma Argus-Courier for nearly 50 years. While plans to create a park at the McNear Peninsula are in a holding pattern, plans for naming of the park continue and one likely contender is Soberanes. One option calls for the expansion of the area where the current Bill Soberanes monument stands into a park with a full-scale statue of Bill sitting on a bench with his notepad. Soberanes, who claimed to have been photographed with approximately 50,000 of the world’s most famous, infamous and unusual people, called himself a “peopleologist” and was an endearing figure throughout the community for generations.

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