Best Recreation

Readers’ Survey Winners


Best Beach:
Goat Rock Beach (near Jenner)

Honorable mention:
Salmon Creek Beach
(a mile north of Bodega Bay)

Best Bicycle Shop:
Gianni Cyclery
3798 Bohemian Hwy.
Occidental, 874-2833

Honorable mention:
The Bike Peddler
605 College Ave.
Santa Rosa, 571-2428

Best Billiard Parlor:
Buffalo Billiards
8492 Gravenstein Hwy.
Cotati, 794-7338

Honorable mention:
Team Players
625 Fifth St.
Santa Rosa, 526-3901

Best Close Escape:
Bodega Bay

Honorable mention:
Spring Lake and Annadel State Park

Best Fishing Spot:
Russian River
(evidently no one wants to give away the exact location of their favorite fishing hole)

Honorable mention:
Lake Sonoma

Best Gym:
Gold’s Gym
3033 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, 578-8389

Honorable mention:
Coaches’ Corner Fitness Center
420 Morris St.
Sebastopol, 829-5180

Best Health Club:
The Airport Club
432 Aviation Blvd.
Santa Rosa, 528-2582

Honorable mention:
The Parkpoint Club
1200 N. Dutton Ave.
Santa Rosa, 578-1640

Best Hiking Trail:
Annadel State Park

Honorable mention:
Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve

Best Pet Exercise Area:
Spring Lake Regional Park
Santa Rosa

Best Skateboard Area:
Santa Rosa Skateboard Park
(opposite Piner High School, on Fulton Road)

Best Sunset:
Bodega Bay

Honorable mention:
Goat Rock (near Jenner)

Best Surfing Spot:
Salmon Creek Beach
(one mile north of Bodega Bay)

Honorable mention:
Goat Rock Beach
(off Hwy. 1, near Jenner)

Best Swimming Hole:
Lake Ilsanjo at Annadel State Park

Honorable mention:
Russian River
(pick your spot, but remember that the river has claimed its share of victims )

Best Wine Tour:
Korbel Champagne Cellars
13250 River Road
Guerneville, 887-2294

From the March 28-April 3, 1996 issue of the Sonoma Independent

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