.Michael Shapiro

Jan 6, 2016

Closing Time

'Don't be sad, be happy," said the young Latino server to his co-worker as tears streamed down her cheeks. "How good was it?" he...
Sep 12, 2012

Shorty Rock

Trombone Shorty tears the roof off
Mar 28, 2012

What’s Up, Doc?

In 1996, a young man named Robert Johnson moved from a shooting-ravaged neighborhood in San Francisco's Fillmore district to Sebastopol, where he became a...
May 4, 2011

Like a Refugee

music & nightlife | ...
Mar 16, 2011

Waves of Film

03.16.11Jennifer Redfearn's documentary Sun Come Up opens with Eden-like scenes of island life: kids climbing posts and leaping into the ocean, contented locals feasting...
Jul 8, 2009

Goodbye to Red’s

07.08.09 Kathleen was sittin' down in Little Red's Recovery Room in her criminal underwear bra / I was naked to the waist with my...
Sep 3, 2008

First Bite

09.03.08Saigon BistroEditor's note: First Bite is a new concept in restaurant writing. This is not a go-three-times, try-everything-on-the-menu report; rather, this is a quick...
Feb 13, 2008

Heart and Hand

02.13.08It's tempting to say that Mauricio Rebolledo's bike-building shop feels like a museum or an art gallery. One can sense the reverence Rebolledo has...