.Marina Wolf

Mar 14, 2002

Russian Food

Edible Nostalgia Sometimes there's no substitute for cured pork fat and ketchup gravy By Marina Wolf The nights...
Mar 7, 2002

Homemade Candy

Brittle in the Kitchen Making candy with a broken heart By Marina Wolf We cook from cans now...
Mar 7, 2002


Staged Heat: The dancers of Pilobolus strike a pose. Pilobolean Logic Dance company finds order in apparent chaos ...
Dec 6, 2001

Stone Soup

Stone Soup Fabled recipe gets a culinary correction By Marina Wolf I've never had stone soup, but I...
Oct 25, 2001

Creative Cooking

The Culinary CreativeLearning to cook outside the boxBy Marina WolfFOOD IS A funny thing. In the hands of a professional chef, it can be...
Oct 11, 2001

Exotic Poultry

Illustration by Magali PirardDuck & CoverShake off that fear of flying (over to the exotic poultry section)By Marina WolfTHE DUCK with dirty rice and...
Oct 4, 2001

Garden Variety

Photograph by Michael AmslerGarden variety: Doug Gosling-- head gardener and exectutive chef of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center--says weeds are...
Aug 9, 2001

Nutrition Reforms

Eatin' Right One American responds to food reforms By Marina Wolf HEY, ALL YOU dieticians and...