April 3: Los Lobos and Leo Kottke at Lincoln Theater

Who can forget the ending of Los Lobos’ music video for “La Bamba,” when the song stops and band members gather in a semicircle, quickly strumming and plucking maricahi instruments? Okay, so maybe you’ve forgotten—it was 23 years ago, after all. But! Let us remember that in addition to writing a deep catalog of songs, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas and Louis Perez are also extremely immersed in technique. That’s what makes their pairing with the nimble-fingered guitarist  Leo Kottke at the Lincoln Theater this weekend so interesting; Kottke and Los Lobos both originally emerged as traditionalists, honing their skills until they knew their instruments inside and out, and developed their own styles. Long adored by fans of the collaboration-friendly Grateful Dead, there’s reason to expect that Los Lobos will ask opener Kottke to join them onstage—if only for a lively run-through of “La Bamba”—when the two appear on Saturday, April 3, at the Lincoln Theater. 100 California Drive, Yountville. 8pm. $45-$65. 707.944.1300.Gabe Meline