April 3: Petracovich at CornerStone Sonoma

With three generations of distance, one of the few things that Jessica Peters knows about her great-grandfather Abraham Petracovich is that while he listened to his beloved opera on the radio in his living room, he had such respect for the music that he did so in his best suit. Such musical attachment is in the bloodlines, and in homage, Peters has called her musical project Petracovich in homage to her great-grandfather’s old-world, pre-Ellis Island Russian surname. With two albums under her belt, Peters draws comparisons to Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Aimee Mann and Tangerine Dream—in other words, almost anything goes—and performs keyboards, loops, banjo and percussion with drummer Max Diez and cellist Heather Houseman. All this makes a rather edgy and cosmopolitan  fit for a tasting room in Sonoma, and especially when joined by the sympathetic ruminations of the Joe Rathbone Trio on Saturday, Apr. 3, in the Grange Sonoma room at CornerStone Sonoma. 23570 Arnold Drive, Sonoma. 7pm. $10. 707.933.3010.Gabe Meline

Sonoma County Library