April 16: Prezident Brown at 19 Broadway

“Conscious party people, if you’re going to party, say yeah!” So chants Prezident Brown, the Jamaican DJ and singer who returns to the states this weekend for another in a string of excellent reggae bookings at 19 Broadway. (Who does their booking now? Chris Blackwell?) Brown caught our attention at last year’s Reggae Rising festival with his more relaxed take on dancehall, and his latest album continues in that same varied bag. With songs like “Easy Does It” and “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled,” Brown offers solace, while tracks like “Ghetto Youth” and “Own Rebel” tilt at social awareness. A genuine feel for the music is Brown’s ace in the hole, a feel that came from studying under famous reggae producer Jack Ruby and performing on those huge, unwieldy mobile sound systems built in the 1970s that now live mostly on college students’ T-shirts instead of in the streets. Come hang with the real deal when Prezident Brown lights it up in a joint appearance with the legendary Wailing Souls on Friday, April 16, at 19 Broadway Niteclub. 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 9pm. $20–$25. 415.459.1091.Gabe Meline

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