.Your Letters, May 8

Rude Boy

Gosh, you have to feel tremendous empathy for the heroic Rudy Giuliani, who is on the hook, so to speak, for around $150 million in defamation dough, has been indicted in Arizona for trying to swing an election in favor of his NYC buddy and is having a heck of a time living on a monthly budget of $43,000.

Plus, he’s kinda been late on disclosing his living expenses and sources of income to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and, having been disbarred in New York state and the District of Columbia, has to fall back on living off his WABC talk radio program income.

It’s a story of unimaginable suffering, and I’m counting on the Sun to create a fund to help the poor man out.

If all Marin County residents make a one-time one-dollar contribution, that’s $252,660 to get him through his ordeal, at least until he screws up another disclosure and the Feds blow up his bankruptcy deal. We owe America’s Mayor at least that much.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


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