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Say It, Don’t Spray It

Bravo John Brogan’s demand to abolish graffiti. It defaces property and is disgusting to look at; its messages are indecipherable, meaningless and therefore stupid. Its presence signals that neighborhoods are in inexorable decline—not only the property, but the people suffering from its presence as well.

Worse, when we all just accept this blight it only creates more. The moment you see it in your neighborhood immediately get your spray can and paint it out. We may not “get” the graffiti message, but they’ll sure get ours.

Rex Allen

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Spare Change

In many walks of life, abject failure brings about reassessment, recovery, revision, restructuring and renewal. We’ve seen this process take place in science, business, medicine, engineering and even religion, all throughout history.

It seems to have escaped us in politics and government, two related endeavors that may be the most change-averse of all.

In the U.S., in the coming election, we are faced with the most dreadful choice in my lifetime of 73 years: Two men completely unqualified to play the role they seek, despite the fact that both have played the role before.

The glaring weakness, this hideous scenario, must be removed and replaced if we are to remain the world’s leading democracy. It must not happen again.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

Corrections Dept.

In last week’s article “Spanning Time” (June 19, 2024), author Molly Giles was erroneously said to be married. She is not. We regret the error.


  1. I agree with Corsini that these two bought out bumbleheads that we have charading as legitimate presidential prospects is really more pathetic than its ever been. My prediction ( since I read the book) is that they will make Trump the winner and then after a few weeks of likes and dislikes feeling emotionally chaosed, they will change it up and say that he cant win because of felony charges. This will serve to send more people into chaos. In the next scene, I predict that they will kill of the Biden charactor and maybe replace him with old Dirtbag Gavin Newsod. Kamala will never be heard from again as she hasnt aged well. Their may be a wildcard in there as well. But this is how the script reads.

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